"TVNow's TV Viewing Guide Software 
search capabilities makes it all but indispensable 
when you're looking for the next airing of 
a movie that you missed." 
PC Magazine (1996) 

allows you to search and print your own personal viewing guides using computer speeds, offline without using up valuable Internet time. The schedules are downloaded into your PC to use whenever you need them. (Windows and DOS versions available. Sorry, no Mac.)

Who needs it? .....
If all you need to know about TV is what's on today or this week, TV Guide and ClickTV give that info for free online. If you want to know what's on for the entire month with the word "nimrod" in the title or description, those two fine services can't help you. TVNow can!

Order TVNow Software .....
Call ... 1-800-577-3492 -- or -- 1-336-275-3480 and ask for ext. KN. By asking for ext. KN, you get 14 months of schedules instead of the customary year (12 months). Thank your host, KeanuNet, for the extra two months.

TVNow Software price is only ... $29.95.
TVNow Viewing Guide Software; in its sixth year of quality service.

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