The Replacements

�Replacements� to begin filming in Baltimore

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 27, 1999 � There�s a new movie about to be shot in Maryland and the subject is not sitting too well with the Washington Redskins.

THE MOVIE is called �The Replacements� and it�s based on the 1987 strike team that replaced the Redskins during the strike. That team was undefeated, by the way, even beating the Dallas Cowboys during their 24 days of glory.

The joy of watching the games was knowing that many of the players were just regular guys getting a shot at a dream.

The movie stars Gene Hackman as the coach of the fictional team and Keanu Reeves as its quarterback.

The movie�s screenwriter, Vince McKewin, says �There are lots of inferences for people to realize it�s the Redskins.� McKewin is a University of Maryland graduate. He goes on to explain the reason for the movie, �It�s a broad comedy based on the strike, and I�m taking a shot at professional players who walk off for a bigger salary cap. The owner is dying and when the strike happens he decides to bring back this legendary coach, like George Allen.

Hackman puts together this ragtag bunch of guys. They ultimately start playing as a team,� says McKewin.

But a spokesperson for the NFL says the league is not supporting the movie, and it refused to allow the use of the team name �Redskins� or any of the teams trademarks. Instead they�ll be called the Washington Sentinels. Warner Brothers is scheduled to shoot the film at PSINet Stadium in Baltimore on August 14 and 15.

But the movie will not be all profit. Sixty companies have agreed to offer the WB extras in exchange for donations to their favorite charities. There will also be a food drive to raise money for the Maryland Food Bank on filming days. Warner Brothers intends to donate $40,000 to charity. Despite the donation of extras from local companies, 20,000 extras will be needed each day to cheer the Sentinels. If you�d like to find out how you can be an extra, you can  call (410) 481-2278. By they way, they ask that you not dress in Ravens attire or look like summer. The movie is set in the fall.

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