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Gay Fandom and Crossover Stardom : James Dean, Mel Gibson, and Keanu Reeves

by Michael Deangelis.(2201) In his first book, DeAngelis, assistant professor at DePaul University, explores how male film icons are both shaped by and help shape gay male styles and cultural representations. Closely examining the screen and public personas of James Dean, Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves, DeAngelis charts a series of complicated interactions between the masculine affect of these actors, their (adoring or disillusioned) gay male audience and versions of masculinity that appear in gay culture. The author is best on James Dean's career, charting how the actor's emotional openness and vulnerability often made him "look" gay and how that image was exploited in his films (as in his highly erotic relationship with Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause). Explicating the more complicated territory of Mel Gibson's image and career, DeAngelis doesn't sustain that clarity of argument, and his use of gay critic Daniel Harris's ahistorical work doesn't help. Fortunately, he regains footing discussing the pansexual, soft masculinity of Reeves (as well as Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio). ISBN: 0822327384 $18.95

The Art of the Matrix

by Larry & Andy Wachowski (1999) An intimate journey into the mind's eyes of the two brothers who wrote and directed one of 1999's most successful movies of the year. Includes storyboards created for 219 scenes, the complete shooting script, many original sketches, several gatefolds of the conceptual designs, and a section on scenes cut before filming. A must for all Matrix fans! Newmarket Press; ISBN: 1557044058

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Vanity Fair's Hollywood

The definitive book of its kind, Vanity Fair's Hollywood is an incomparable collection of classic photographs, essays, and caricatures depicting a century of Hollywood power, glamour, myth, and mystery-directly from the pages of Vanity Fair, from 1914 to today. A truly wonderful book, made even better by a picture of Keanu in black leather jeans taken by Annie Leibowitz. Viking Press; ISBN: 067089141X


The Devil's Advocate

by Andrew Neiderman. (1997). The movie edition of Mr. Neiderman's 1990 novel, long out of print. Pocket Books ISBN 0-671-01410-2 


Keanu Reeves : An Excellent Adventure

by Brian J. Robb. (1997). A paperback book with lots of b&w pictures, it covers Keanu's career through Devil's Advocate. There appear to be no original interviews for this book, and it's quite obvious that the author obtained quite a bit on his information directly from KeanuNet, as well as other pre-existing biographies. Plexus Publishing (UK) ISBN 0-85965-245-9



by Sheila Johnston. (1997). A paperback version of the hardcover edition. This biography of Keanu focuses less on Keanu's private life than on his professional career, and I'm sure Keanu (had he been asked) would prefer it that way. But we do get plenty of details about his career. This is no rehash. Ms. Johnston has conducted many original interviews for the project and spent countless hours in the library. Her resources list is long and detailed, and her Filmography uses production dates, rather than release dates. The more than two dozen photos are mostly familiar, but there were a couple that I had not seen before. Updated for this edition. Pan Books (UK) ISBN 0-330-34382-3


Hollywood Confidential

by Corel Amende. (1997). The sub-title of this book is An Inside Look At The Public Careers And Private Lives Of Hollywood's Rich And Famous. It's an entertaining book, with Keanu mentioned no less than 16 times. Mostly rumor and gossip, but fun nevertheless. Plume/Penguin ISBN 0-452-27791-4


Before They Were Famous; In Their Own Words

by Karen Hardy Bystedt. (1996). Karen Hardy's previous book, The New Breed (see below) is long out of print. This new book is very similar, reusing a lot of the original material. Luckily for us fans, however, she has included mostly new photographs. Thus we have quite a few photos of Keanu (some in color) that were not in the older book, and some of them have never been published before at all. The accompanying interview is a rewritten version of the original, done in September 1987. The layout and design of the book is simply dreadful, but the pictures make it worth the price. General Publishing Group ISBN 1-57544-007-5


Greg Gorman : Inside Life

by Greg Gorman. (1997). This large format hardcover book contains those Gorman photos of Keanu made famous by Detour Magazine. Greg really knows how to show off Keanu's assets! Included are four of our favorites, and yes, the nudes are there! Oh, and there are also lots of other great celebrity portraits as well. Rizzoli ISBN 0-8478-1998-1


Chain Reaction : A Novel

a novel by Robert Tine. (1996). Based on the screenplay by Josh Friedman and J.F. Lawton and Michael Bortman. Story by Arne L. Schmidt & Rick Seaman and Josh Friedman. Movie tie-in. No pictures other than the cover. St. Martin's Paperbacks ISBN 0-312-95884-6


Keanu Reeves

by Chris Nickson. (1996). Although billed as "An exclusive look at the private life of Hollywood's most mysterious hunk," you will not find anything exclusive here, or anything that you haven't read before except plot summaries of Keanu's movies that are hardly insightful (and not entirely accurate either). The facts in the book have been compiled from interviews in such magazines as Rolling Stone, US, People, and Vanity Fair, and it is quite obvious that no original interviews of any kind with Keanu or anyone else were conducted for this book. The photos included with the book (in B&W) are almost all studio shots that have been previously well-circulated. St. Martin's Paperbacks. ISBN: 0-312-95885-4


Mug Shots : Celebrities Under Arrest

compiled by George Seminara. (1996). Keanu's mugshot appears on the cover with seven other celebrities. Inside, there are mugshots and arrest records of many celebrities, including Keanu, who was arrested in 1993 for drunk driving. St. Martin's Griffin ISBN 0-312-14374-5


Feeling Minnesota  

a novel by Timothy Watts, based on the screenplay by Steven Baigelman. (1996). No illustrations other than the front and back covers. Boulevard Books ISBN 1-57297-115-0


Walk in the Clouds

a novel by Deborah Chiel, based on a screenplay by Robert Mark Kamen and Mark Miller & Harvey Weitzman (1995). No illustrations other than the cover. Signet ISBN 0-451-18593-5


Johnny Mnemonic/the Screenplay and the Story

by William Gibson (1995). Illustrated with quite a few B&W photos, many of which feature Keanu. Ace Books ISBN 0-441-00234-X


Johnny Mnemonic

a novel by Terry Bisson (1995). Based on the short story and screenplay by William Gibson. No pictures. Pocket Books ISBN 0-671-52300-7 


Young Hollywood

by James Cameron-Wilson (1994) contains 4 B&W pictures (plus one small color one on the back of the dust jacket) and a biography on Keanu (which erroneously states that Keanu made a film called Texas Rangers.) There are pictures and biographies of many other stars in the book. Madison Books ISBN 1-56833-038-3


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues/My Own Private Idaho

by Gus Van Zant (1993). Contains the screenplays of the two films (which vary somewhat from the released versions of the films) and an interview with Gus Van Zant about the films. Lots of B&W illustrations. Faber & Faber. ISBN: 0-571-16920-1


Much Ado About Nothing : The Making of the Movie

by Kenneth Branagh (1993). Published in both hardcover and soft cover, this book features the screenplay and lots of photos (many in color) and production notes. WW Norton. Hardcover: ISBN 0-393-03568-9  Softcover: ISBN 0-393-31111-2


Much Ado About Nothing (Bantam Classic)

by William Shakespeare (1993). This paperback edition of Shakespeare's play features an insert of B&W photos, five of which include Keanu. Bantam Books ISBN 0-553-21301-6 (NOTE: It's possible that the latest edition of this book does not feature any pictures from the film.)


Bram Stoker's Dracula

The novel of the film by Fred Saberhagen and James V. Hart (1992). Based on the screenplay by James V. Hart from the Bram Stoker novel. There is an afterword by Francis Ford Coppola and an 8-page color photo insert; three photos include Keanu. Signet ISBN 0-451-17575-1


Bram Stoker's Dracula : The Film and the Legend 

by Francis Ford Coppola and James V. Hart (1992). Published in both hardcover and soft cover, there are lots of color photos (including quite a few of Keanu) from the production, along with the screenplay and production notes. Newmarket Press. Hardcover: ISBN 1-55704-140-7 Softcover: ISBN 1-55704-139-3


Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula

by Francis Ford Coppola and Eiko Ishioka (1992). There are lots of color photos (including quite a few of Keanu) from the production. It's mostly about the costumes. Collins Publishers. Hardcover: ISBN 0-00-255167-5 Softcover: ISBN 0-00-638243-6

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