Welcome to KeanuLand. This site is rated PG-13, so a little parental guidance may be in order.

Playing Keanuland is fun and easy. Just follow the links. Do not use the "forward" or "back" buttons on your browser. You MUST use Netscape 2.1 or above, or Internet Explorer 3 or above to properly play this game. There are many animated gifs here that will not work otherwise. Sound files, designated by are all .wav files. You should configure your browser to play them automatically for the most enjoyment.

KeanuLand has many graphics and sound files, so do not expect to play this game quickly. Depending on the speed of your modem, and how busy the server is, some of these files may load slowly. Please be patient. If you do not finish playing the game in one sitting, you may put a bookmark on your current page and come back to it later.

The game doesn't really have an ending, and will be regularly added to... thus it can be different every time you play! And remember, this is just a game. The events in this game, though based on facts of Keanu's life and career, are often fictional, and are not meant to reflect Keanu Reeves' real life or career.


You are Keanu Reeves, and you just want to be an actor. But Hollywood doesn't always cooperate...

Proceed into the darkness... the darkness that is L.A.