Is Keanu Gay?

This is quite an interesting topic. Keanu himself is often vague when it comes to this subject. Such answers as "...but ya never know..." in Interview Magazine a few years ago just fuel the fire. The Out Magazine interview of a couple of years ago is a good case in point. Keanu is never specific about his sexuality, even though it's the "Straight Issue."

Keanu is a very private person when it comes to his personal life, and he often says that he doesn't like to be labeled. And of course, one rarely hears about whom he is dating (if anyone). Thus, the rumors fly. More recently, Keanu has said that he is straight, and has been "seen" with many different beautiful women. And reliable sources say that Keanu is due to be a father in the year 2000.

In the August '95 Vanity Fair, Keanu does state specifically that he has never met David Geffen (the openly gay movie mogul that Keanu reportedly "married"). Elsewhere, David Geffen stated that he never met Keanu, so I think it's a fair assumption that we can lay that ridiculous rumor to rest once and for all. (It appears that the rumor started because David Geffen was dating someone who looked a little bit like Keanu.)

In the Vanity Fair interview Keanu does mention that his longest relationship with a woman was about two years, and his latest was with a woman named Autumn. Take that as you will. When asked if he would like "to shoot the [gay] rumors down cold," Keanu made this reply:

"Well, I mean, there's nothing wrong with being gay, so to deny it is to make a judgement. And why make a big deal of it? If someone doesn't want to hire me because they think I'm gay, well, then I have to deal with it I guess. Or if people were picketing a theater. But otherwise, it's just gossip, isn't it?"
Yup, that's right, Keanu. It's just gossip.