THE GIFT (2000)
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Status: In Release
Video: July 17, 2001
Release Date: 12/20/2000 / 01/19/2001 (wider)
Rated: R
Director: Sam Raimi
Cate Blanchett Annie Wilson
Katie Holmes Jessica King
Greg Kinnear Wayne Collins
Keanu Reeves Donnie Barksdale
Giovanni Ribisi Buddy Cole
Hilary Swank Valerie Barksdale
Gary Cole David Duncan
Michael Jeter Gerald Weems
Kim Dickens Linda
Rosemary Harris Annie's Granny
Chelcie Ross Kenneth King
J.K. Simmons Sheriff Pearl Johnson
Sam Raimi directs an all-star cast in this Southern thriller co-written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson.

Good-hearted Annie Wilson, who bears "the gift" of psychic vision, is a recently widowed mother of three young boys in the rural town of Brixton, Georgia. Scorned by some of the narrow-minded town citizens, Annie struggles to support herself and her sons by giving psychic readings to a few of the members of this small community. Annie advises one of them, Valerie, to leave her husband Donnie, a macho town bully. Her visions begin to unravel the town’s dark secrets, and she finds herself in increasing danger as the drowned body of a woman is found. Her "gift" becomes her only hope to save herself and her family.

Filmed on location in Georgia.


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