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Video Release: July 24, 2001
Release Date: February 16, 2001
Director: Pat O'Connor
Keanu Reeves Nelson Moss
Charlize Theron Sara Deever
Greg Germann Vince Holland
Jason Isaacs Chad
Robert Joy Buddy Leach
Liam Aiken Abner
Doreen Foo Croft Mrs. Nguyen
Lauren Graham Angelica
Frank Langella Edgar Price
Jason Kravits Manny
Each month, Sara takes on a new "project." For one month only, she will try to help someone become a better person - no matter what it takes. As November nears -  after a chance meeting with Nelson - it becomes apparent to her that he desperately needs to be her "November" project. Nelson however, is not so easily convinced that he is even in need of help, let alone of the "all or nothing" methods she employs.

Filmed on location in San Francisco. This is a re-make of a 1968 movie of the same title that starred Anthony Newley and Sandy Dennis.


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