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General Info

How old is Keanu? Home town?

Keanu was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. Keanu lived in Lebanon, Australia, New York and finally Toronto, before moving to California to pursue his film career. He is a Canadian citizen.

What is Keanu's full name?

The standard answer is 'Keanu Charles Reeves,' explaining the 'K.C. Reeves' credit at the end of Young Again. However, in a police mugshot published in the National Enquirer, his name is listed as 'Reeves, Keanu NMN' (NMN = "No Middle Name" in cop talk). Of course the police possibly didn't ask his middle name, and just inserted NMN instead.

What does "Keanu" mean?

Keanu has said that he was told it means "a cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian.

How did Keanu get his big scar?

He has several. The most prominent scar runs from chest to navel and is a result of the time he crashed his motorcycle into a mountain in 1987(?). This resulted in the loss of his spleen. Since then, he has acquired several more.

What is Dogstar?

Dogstar is a "folk-punk" band that Keanu plays bass guitar in. The other two band members are Rob Mailhouse (drums), and Bret Domrose (guitar). They have three CD's out and occasionally tour.

Is Keanu involved with anyone?

Keanu doesn't talk about his personal life in interviews, so no one knows for sure. He has said that his career doesn't allow him time for a relationship. 

Keanu's Career

What are some of Keanu's credits?

See the Credits section. All of the films (and some of the TV appearances) listed have been released on tape and/or laserdisc. Many of them are available in the Shop.

What is Keanu doing now?

Check out the News section for up-to-date information.

What is upcoming in Keanu's career?

Again, check out the News section.

Fan Stuff

Is there a Keanu Reeves fan club?

Yes, and the address is:
Keanu Reeves Fan Club
PO Box 2634
Dallas TX 75221

There is also a newsgroup dedicated to Keanu:

Does Keanu read his fan mail?

Keanu has stated many times that he does not read fan mail. He has said that he doesn't want to be responsible for what it contains. He has also stated that he feels reading his fan mail would take too much time away from his family and friends. Please do NOT write him here at KeanuNet... he will not get any mail sent here.

Any Keanu Tidbits?

Keanu was reported on a California driver's license to be 6 ft tall (although other reports say 6'1") and 175 pounds. He is left-handed, although he plays the bass right-handed. Keanu was MVP on his high school hockey team, where he earned the nickname "The Wall." In both Seventeen and People magazines he has been quoted as saying that he is afraid of the dark. He rides a 1974 Norton Commando motorcycle, and it has been reported that he also owns a Moto Guzzi, a 1972 Norton and a dirt bike. Keanu likes driving his bikes very fast, and has the scars to prove it! He also enjoys music (the Butthole Surfers, Fugazi, the Pixies, the Ramones, the Velvet Underground, The Exploited, Wire, Sham 69, Discharge, Agent Orange, Big Black, Husker Du, Joy Divison, and the Clash have all been mentioned in interviews) and literature (especially Shakespeare, but also Thomas Mann, Dostoevsky, Oriana Fallaci, Arthur Rimbaud, Stephen Hawking, Denis Diderot, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, Stanislavsky, and Jack Kerouac). He'd like to play the role of Dionysius. The Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena has offered a course on the 'Films of Keanu Reeves'.