How rich is Keanu Reeves?

The American actor has an estimated net worth of $ 145 million. He owes his money to some smart bitcoin investments including his stake in the bitcoin revolution platform. He also owns a substantial number of properties, and lucrative sponsorship deals. With several restaurants in the US and his own vodka brand and fashion line.

The beginning of Keanu Reeves

The turbulent life of his parents led to Keanu Reeves growing up partly in New York and partly in Toronto . The family also lived in Australia for a while. Ultimately, however, his parents' relationship did not last, and the mother's further marriages ended in divorce. In addition to a biological sister, his parents' relationships brought Keanu two half-sisters. A large part of his family shares the love of film with the Leading Man from Hollywood. After all, his mother worked as a costume designer and set designer, while his sisters also appeared as an actress and producer.

Keanu Reeves didn't even need a high school degree to achieve his success today. Because he left high school for the performing arts without a degree. He first struggled as a cook, skater and finally as manager of a pasta restaurant. The star also worked as a gardener until he finally managed to get enough roles in TV and theater.

The successes of a real Hollywood superstar

Keanu Reeves has since settled in the Hollywood Hills in West Hollywood on the west coast of the United States. In addition to his California home, the actor also owns an apartment in New York City. The star does not belong to a religion, although he has already made his interest in the teachings of Buddhism public. In addition to his acting talent, the star is particularly valued for his commitment to charity. It is also considered to be extremely down-to-earth and, like any normal person, is even supposed to use the subway as a means of transportation on the way to work. There were also some tarot readings made on him. Check this out to know about free tarot reading available online.

Income from Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves didn't even need a high school degree to achieve his success today. His film career has already earned him many honors, including the 2277th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . The cinema audience also appreciates the star very much. Itwas his role in "The Matrix," which may well be considered his greatest and best-known success. But the majority of his income comes from his early bitcoin investments. Keanu strongly believes, that bitcoin is a new “revolution” and future of money, that will free citizens of the world from global and economic slavery.

In the future, it is safe to say we won't have to worry about the financial livelihood of this star.