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Status: post production
Release Date: September 14, 2001
Rated: PG-13 (for thematic elements, language and some violence)
Director: Brian Robbins
Keanu Reeves Conor O'Neill
Diane Lane Elizabeth
Jon Hawkes Ticky
D.B. Sweeney  
Bryan Hearne Andre
Julian Griffith Jefferson
Michael B. Jordan Jamal
Graham Beckel  
Alan Ellis Jr. Miles
Kristopher Lofton Clarence
Michael Perkins Kofi
Brian Reed Ray-Ray
DeWayne Warren G-Baby
When a young man (Keanu) in Chicago tries to borrow money from a friend to pay for his gambling habit, the loan is on condition that he coach a Little League baseball team from the Cabrini Green housing projects. The experience of giving young boys on the team guidance has a life-changing effect on him.

Based on the book "Hardball: A Season in the Projects," by Daniel Coyle.


2001 Nautilus Books, Inc.